Amanda Giese

Amanda is the new face of Animal Planet’s brand new series, AMANDA TO THE RESCUE. She is also the founder of Panda Paws Rescue. With a joy and passion larger than life, she treats the seemingly hopeless animals in her Washington State home, primarily focusing on dogs that others have given up on, including major medical or special needs dogs. Together with her two children, Jade and Beast, and her partner Gary, the family cares for animals in need and helps them get the second chances and loving forever homes they deserve. Where others see animals with no hope, Amanda sees an animal full of love who needs her help.

Whitney Thore

Whitney was once a 110-lb dancer and used to teach dance professionally even when she was in high school. She has also choreographed many local musicals in the US. Whitney’s life changed when she developed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which caused her to gain 200 lbs in a year. Today, she has a fresh outlook on life and has learned to embrace her body and love herself again. Following the success of her "fat girl" dance videos, Whitney launched the inspiring #NoBodyShameCampaign, a movement that works to fight the devastating effects of body shame and promotes self-love and acceptance, as seen on TLC’s MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE. In season one of the show, Whitney started a dance class called Big Girl Dance Class (BGDC) – a safe place for anyone, regardless of shape, size, age or gender! Whitney continues to raise awareness about body shame and the negativity that society imposes on anyone who is "different,’ and encourages everyone to live their lives to the fullest no matter what the scale says.

Janet Hsieh

Janet Hsieh is the face that launched the proverbial ship for TLC’s FUN TAIWAN franchise! On the show, she visits extraordinary places that even the locals don't know about – leading viewers into remote villages and towns, establishing friendships, experiencing life according to the locals, and taking us all through the wonders of Taiwan. She has also hosted other series for TLC, including Fun Asia, Fun USA, Go India, Fun Taiwan Challenge, Fun Taiwan All Stars, Fun Taiwan Adventures; and even a Wedding Special where she married actor George Young in Antarctica. An avid traveller, the intrepid Janet has backpacked all across the world and has been to more than 50 countries to date.

Sarah Huang Benjamin

After winning the Asian Food Channel’s Food Hero competition in 2014, Sarah has become a popular personality synonymous with the channel. Born and raised in Singapore to a Welsh father and a Peranakan-Chinese mother, Sarah grew up helping her parents, grand-aunt and grandmother cook at home. Sarah cites her Hakka grand-aunt, who became blind at the young age of five, as her culinary role model. From a young age, Sarah would learn to cook Hakka classics such as Yam Abacus, Hakka-style Yong Tau Foo and Ginger Wine Chicken. Cooking with her grand-aunt taught Sarah how to appreciate cooking as a truly sensory experience, conjuring meals that come from the heart.

Sherson Lian and Ann Lian

Sherson’s culinary interest stemmed from an early age. As the oldest child, Sherson started helping out his mother, Ann, at their Kuala Lumpur café when he was just 11. Sherson eventually embarked on his own culinary career before moving to Malacca with his family to focus on managing their resort, El Sanctuary. Sherson has since become a popular culinary figure in Malaysia, and has served as a guest judge in reality program Dapur Selebrity. The talented chef is also the host of Asian Food Channel’s original programmes THE AMAZING FOOD CHALLENGE: FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES and FAMILY KITCHEN WITH SHERSON where he cooks in the comfort of his own kitchen alongside his mother, with special appearances by his family!

Anton Amoncio

Anton Amoncio is a familiar face on Asian Food Channel, having won the Food Hero competition in 2016; and subsequently hosted HOME COOKED ASIA: PHILIPPINES, a series which showcases authentic home-style Filipino fare, made simple!

At 24, Anton became the Chef-Owner of Antojos Restaurant in Quezon City. The dishes served at Antojos tell his unique food story, which began when he watched his own personal 'food hero', his grandmother, cook in the kitchen. He was also the first Filipino chef chosen to represent traditional Filipino food in Canada.

His culinary style is representative of inspiration drawn from his travels, combining a range of international flavors with his love for traditional Filipino fare. This will be evident in his new show CRUISE THE WORLD set to air next year on TLC.